Mdm Lian Chin & Romana

The right match

Chemistry is really everything, and for Romana and Tanny Ong’s aunt, it couldn’t be a more perfect match. Six years ago, Tanny, a nurse, engaged a caregiver from 1.Care Employment Agency, as she needed help with her 80-year-old aunt, who was living with her. Her aunt, Lian Chin, was suffering from a host of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension and asthma, and needed extra support during her daily activities. Romana took care of her as well as assisted with the cooking and housework. They particularly enjoyed going to NTUC and the market together, as Tanny explained, it was “their playground”. 


Sharing about the caregiver, she added, “They were like mother and daughter. Whenever I would ‘scold’ Romana in a joking manner to tease my aunt, my aunt would protect her and tell me not to scold her. I would often feel like I was the third-wheel in their relationship!” She also appreciated she didn’t have to tell Romana what to do as she would go into an automatic mode and do whatever was needed, and she further highlighted Romana’s gentle nature towards her aunt. 


Having Romana around gave Tanny immense peace of mind, especially when she had to travel overseas on medical mission trips or for other travels. As her aunt’s condition worsened, Romana was never far away from Lian Chin, staying by her bedside the whole time at the hospital. When her aunt passed away in March this year, Romana and Tanny were by her side to say goodbye. Looking back, Tanny is thankful for having Romana – “My friends and relatives said we were so fortunate to have Romana. I wouldn’t have been able to care for my aunt without her.”

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