Mdm Kue Chu & Do U​

Going the extra mile​

In 2018, Vincent Tan’s 91-year-old mother, Kue Chu, fractured her pelvic bone when she fell off the bed. She also has dementia and finds it hard to recognise anyone. The doctor at the hospital who was treating her told him that if he couldn’t hire a trained caregiver, he wouldn’t be able to bring her home. Unable to afford a caregiver, he spoke to his mother’s social worker who in turn linked him to 1.Care Employment Agency. With their help, he was able to agree to an instalment plan that would work for him. 


Vincent also needed support for his 65-year-old sister, Poh Geok, who has mental health issues and attends Ren Ci daycare centre daily. He has had two different caregivers from 1.Care, with the most recent one being Do U, who has been working for the family for over 10 months. “She can speak Chinese and is very hard working,” said Vincent. 


The caregiver takes care of his mother and sister, making sure his sister is woken up and dressed for daycare and his mother’s needs are taken care of. “My mom is like a small child with her dementia, while my sister sometimes has a bad temper and it can get hard to manage. Having the caregiver around gives me the extra support to get through the day,” said Vincent. “I can go out with peace of mind, knowing that if a problem arises, the caregiver will then call me.”


He is thankful to the caregiver, as well as 1.Care. He shared one occasion where he couldn’t take leave from work and his mother had a hospital appointment. The agency got one of its staff to accompany the caregiver and Kue Chu, who was on a wheelchair, and guided Do U on what to do. Now with doctor appointments, the caregiver can handle them by herself. Vincent said: “I really appreciate 1.Care’s help. They did all this without even charging me for it.” He added that the agency also takes care of the caregiver, bringing her on outings each month and helping her send money back to her family. 1.Care believes strongly in going that extra mile as the families of loved ones always need that extra support.

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