Mr Chong Kiang & Ei​

ei ei (eDITED)

Having no choice

Initially, Koo Cheaw Heea did not want to get a caregiver for her brother who was at the time in his last 60s. Her brother, Chong Kiang, had fallen twice at home due to low blood pressure and his leg not being stable, while she was at work and her son at school. The single mother shared: “I had heard horrible stories from friends about caregivers but I needed one due to my brother’s medical condition. I had no choice.” So six years ago, she hired a caregiver from 1.Care Employment Agency. 

Over this period, she has had four caregivers which she shared were “all very good”, especially her current caregiver, Ei, whom she has had for six months. Calling her patient and caring, Cheaw Heea said, “She calls my brother her grandfather and me, her mother. She regards us as her family members and tells us this is her second home. She does brain games with my brother, plays cards with him, and sometimes brings him down for walks. She also makes sure he doesn’t nap in the afternoon so that he can sleep well at night. Now he doesn’t wake up at night anymore. I can see that she puts in effort to care for my brother and do her best for us.” 


Cheaw Heea also stressed the importance on having a trained caregiver. “Recently my brother had a wound and needed frequent dressing. The doctor said he could go to the polyclinic on alternate days for dressing, however, the caregiver did the dressing for him. She took good care of his wound until it fully healed. I personally feel that having a trained caregiver is better than a normal helper.”


The six years having caregivers has given Cheaw Heea peace of mind while at work and time for herself. Last year, she even went on a short trip with her friends. She is also thankful for 1.Care Employment Agency for the extra mile they go for their clients. Her brother recently had to have a catheter. He went to a polyclinic to change it but was unsuccessful and was advised to go to A&E. “I didn’t want to go due to the COVID situation and I was lost. I called 1.Care and they assured me not to worry and that they would arrange for a staff to come to my house to change the catheter. They even spoke to the nurse in the polyclinic to assist me to get the necessary items for my brother. Within an hour, the catheter was changed. I am very grateful to 1.Care.”

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