Mdm Lily & Lulu

Keeping a watchful eye

Josephine Tan is based overseas and her two brothers are working so it is tough for the family to give their full attention to their mother, Lily Goh, who has dementia. As such six years ago, they decided the best thing to do was to get a caregiver from 1.Care Employment Agency.  “I wanted her to be well taken care of at home and that she is safe,” shared Josephine.


Since then they have had two caregivers, with the current one, Lulu, being with the family for five years. She helps Lily take her daily medication. She also cooks for her, washes and irons her clothes, makes sure she brushes her teeth twice a day, reminds her to apply cream on her body every night, and ensures she changes her clothes and takes a shower. Lulu also takes Lily to the daycare centre each week and the salon to wash her hair.

Josephine shared about the bond that they have – “My caregiver and my mom have grown close to each other. They would share food with each other and would often stand up for each other to make sure that each is given the best from us.”


She added that having a caregiver has helped tremendously. “My caregiver helps me a lot and her presence relieves my stress of having to worry less about my mom. Since I am based overseas, it helps to know that my mom is well taken care of. Especially during this pandemic, it was really hard that my mom was not able to go to the daycare centre for two months. During that time, my caregiver was able to stay with my mom and go through this very difficult time together.”


Having a trained caregiver especially in dealing with a loved one with dementia is also so important, shared Josephine. “A trained caregiver could adjust faster to help someone with dementia. It is not easy to handle a person with dementia but if the caregiver is trained, she knows how to handle the person well. This makes the person with dementia less agitated and calmer.” 


She is more than happy to recommend 1.Care, saying, “1Care is not just an agency for caregivers, it serves those with dementia with passion!”

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