1.Care Employment Agency own a training school in Myanmar.  1.Care is dedicated to provide best training to the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDWs) & Caregivers to do their roles in the work. We have different trainers to hands on the method in the training.
We provide customized training session in the training school in Myanmar. 

Basic Nurse Aide

This course is designed to equip caregivers with the basic nursing skills that are needed to provide a level of eldercare that is much better than that which a maid can give.  This is the same course that certified nurses will have to take during their training.


Basic Elder Care Course

The elderly may sometimes behave in a disruptive manner due to their illness or simply because they feel a sense of uselessness or hopelessness. Caring for elder is extremely challenging and requires a special skillset which this course has been designed to provide. 

Infant Care/ Children Care Course

Infants up to 18 months old are at an especially vulnerable stage of their lives and that is why they need special care.  This course prepares the caregivers with the special skills that are needed to care for infants properly and safely. 

– Introduction of Infant Care

– Baby Milk & puree preparation

– Feeding techniques

– Burping Techniques

– Bathing Techniques 

– Skin Care applications

– Changing of diapers

– Swaddling Techniques

– Soothing 

– Managing Mothers’ emotions

Children at different stages of their lives also require different types of care and handling. This course prepares the caregivers on how to properly care for children and how to spot and deal with potential problems. Basic infant/ Children knowledge is important for a caregiver to play her role as a caregiver. 

Basic Language course (English/ Chinese/ Hokkein)

Due to the generational and cultural gaps that exist between caregivers and the elders they are caring for, it might be hard for the caregivers to communicate with the elders. Many of the employer have language barrier when hiring a caregivers in Singapore. Mis-communication will happens when the caregivers misinterpret the instructions given by their employers. This course will prepare caregivers to communicate effectively without sounding condescending. 

– Basic Mannersim 

– Basic Instructions 

– Reading Recipe Book 

This is a critical course for caregivers who will be working in Hokkein-speaking families.  It equips the caregivers with Hokkein language proficiency good enough for them to function effectively and communicate clearly in English, Chinese and Hokkein. 

Basic Cooking Course

Simple Chinese Food & western food lesson and test before their deployment.

– Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Singapore style of dishes & drinks) 


Housekeeping Course

1.Care have carefully and painstakingly developed our proprietary training modules to ensure that our caregivers are fully-equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide excellent levels of eldercare. The housekeeping course will cover: 

– Laundry

– Ironing 

– Personal Hygiene 

– Safety and security

– Maintaining the bathrooms

– Cleaning of different floor surfaces

– Operating different household equipment

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