I got in touch with Janice from 1.Care Employment Agency three years through my auntie. I needed a helper back then to look after my mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Nurse Janice understood the urgency of my situation and she got me a caregiver who met our requirements within a week. The caregiver was responsible and did her best in caring for my mother. My mother has since passed on and the caregiver has completed her contract and returned to her home country. Nurse Janice has always been a responsive and responsibility agent.​

Mr. Tan Wei Teck

    No regrets choosing 1.Care Employment Agency. Three words to summaries the agency. 1. Care 2. Trust 3.Commitment. Will recommend friends or relatives if ask. Well done to all staffs of 1care employment. Thank you. ​

    Mr. Yeo Teck Chye

      This is the first time I am engaging a caregiver to take care of my dad who is ill and wheelchair bound. I felt very lucky and grateful that I found 1.Care Employment Agency. They are efficient and approachable, which is really useful for first time employer. The monthly caregiver outing that the company is organizing is also of great help to us employer. As my caregiver is working in Singapore for the first time, she would not know where to go during her day off. The outing is useful for both her and us employers; she would be able to find friends of her own and I would feel at ease that she is of safe hands when she went for the outing. My caregiver is really helpful in my household too. In terms of the caregiver’s efficiency, she’s very good as she can able to support my dad in his activities of daily living.

      Ms. Seow Yee Ting

        Thanks for your 1.Care Employment Agency's great service, you guys are understanding and tries to find helper that caters to our needs. You are also caring for both employers and your helpers. You do follow-ups and provide prompt assistance when I needed your help with my helper. Your help to us is really much appreciated and will certainly recommend you to others.​

        Ms. Pauline Quek

          You and your staffs were excellent in supporting me for a caregiver to look after my 94years old mother. I was amazed by your agency's professionalism & speed, securing me a caregiver in less than a week. We do not face any issues with her at all, an excellent caregiver and thumbs up to your agency's training and coaching provided. Last but not least, your organizing of monthly outing for all caregivers is something I have not heard off, from friends or relatives with caregivers, this not only shows your agency having caregivers interest at heart, it actually helps to reduce chances of social problems. Indeed, job well done to all the people behind 1.Care Employment Agency!

          Mr. Lawrence Low

            A caregiver who cares from the heart: We have our first caregiver to take care of our mother and to help out in our household in September this year. Our employment agent helped us pick Joanna from a selection of available Burmese caregiver. Joanna has a pleasant disposition and is always very soft-spoken. Despite this she is very detailed towards our mother when it comes to ensuring she has her meals and medication on time. We are very grateful to Joanna for keeping our house in order when we are away at work, and for taking such good care of our mother. Thank you, 1. Care Employment Agency for your fabulous choice of caregiver.

            Ms. Stella Tan

              I want to share my good experience with 1.Care Employment Agency: My 2 caregivers were from them over a 5 years period. The caregivers from 1.Care are of high standard and quality, the caregiver they trained all display good attitudes and initiative in their work. What made me really like 1Care is their continuous effort to plan outing for our caregivers on their off days and take responsibility of their whereabouts on their off days (update employer and send us pictures in group chat), this is already happening 5 years back until now. 1Care is proud of their job and takes responsibility on the helpers under them. As an employer, I felt very safe to leave my helper with them on their off days.

              Ms. May Foong

                Would strongly recommend 1.Care Employment Agency for the hard work they put in. I have been with them for the last 2 years. Even for medical appointment to the hospital for my mother on wheelchair and the caregiver, they bother to send their team to accompany my mother to the hospital to teach the caregiver how to take transport to and from home for the first time and the department to see the doctors so that we employer do not need to take leave. The team also helps us on the financial aid; advise us where we could get help from the other agency. I really salute 1.Care Employment Agency. I could not find other maid agency better than them.

                Mr. Vincent Tan

                  1.Care Employment Agency was highly recommended by a social service worker in Changi General Hospital. At that time my mother-in-law had a burr hole surgery and I needed to get a caregiver ASAP. When I went to your agency in Ang Mo Kio, you were very helpful and I was recommended a Myanmarese helper straight away. You even helped me with some of the paperwork which I was very grateful. The caregiver came just in time when my mother-in-law was discharged from hospital. She is very cheerful and everyone in the family took a liking to her. I particularly like the fact that your agency organizes all the monthly outings for all the helpers and judging from the photos and videos sent to employers I can see that they were enjoying themselves. A big thank you for a job well done to you and all the staffs!

                  Ms. Silvia Poon

                    We have engaged 2 caregivers from 1.Care Employment Agency and are pleased with the quality of training extended and the continued support extended through the tenure of the contract. The company continued to follow up on their work performance and organize monthly activities/outings without charges. They care about the interest and welfare of the employers as well as the caregivers. Hands down to you, 1.Care!

                    Ms. Lim Sok Hia

                      So far, 1.Care Employment Agecny have been very helpful and prompt in helping us with our queries and concerns and I can trust my dad is in good hand with the caregiver from your agency. He was also much happier and assured now with someone who has some background nursing skills training taking care of him. From this point, I believe your agency has deliver and proven quality service.

                      Ms. Jerelyn Zhu

                        1.Care Employment Agency has met my expectation as a responsible caregiver recruitment agency. Notably it ensures as far as possible to match and meet specific needs of the family requirement and the training for the caregiver. Its after-assignment care and well-being for the caregiver is also notable.

                        Ms. Pauline Seah

                          A truly authentic social enterprise which is not solely profit driven. I recall engaging 1.Care Employment Agency to get a helper for my mother who was suffering from terminal stage cancer. 1.Care provided me advice to engage interim care services from another agency instead of signing a contract with me, after understanding my mother’s condition. I am truly thankful for 1Care and greatly satisfied with the quality of their caregiver who is currently looking after my father. I would definitely recommend 1Care to my friends and relatives for their great service.​

                          Ms. Rose Boey

                            1.Care Employment Agency had been professional from the sourcing to hiring process. Their continual care of caregivers after placements by organizing outings on their days off gives peace of mind to employers that our caregivers are having a break under supervised environment. We had teething problems with our caregiver due to cultural and language problems but 1.Care staffs are prompt to bridge the gap by communicating and guiding the caregiver. I strongly recommend 1.Care Employment Agency for their professionalism and continued care for the welfare of the foreign workers after placements.

                            Ms. Chong Chay Ling

                              1.Care Employment Agency has been providing service to my father since three years ago. They have been very reliable and helpful to cater to all our needs. My father needs a caregiver because he cannot see or hear and is weak and needs help with his mobility and nutritional needs. The caregiver was well-trained by this agency and she is polite and caring. She is also trained to cook and care for the elderly with diligence and integrity.

                              Ms. Chan Lee Yong

                                1.Care Employment Agency is a reliable and caring agency. They were very patient in giving advice and recommendation during the selection process, so as to find the best match for our family. I am happy with the quality and standard of their helpers. I believe they carefully source, select and train their caregivers. When I told my friends that the agency actually organized outings for all their helpers once a month, they were surprised. This goes to show 1.Care takes good care of their caregivers too. After my helper came onboard, they were also responsive to my enquiries. They are definitely not a fly-by-night agency out to make money only and evade responsibilities. Keep up the good job 1.Care! With heartfelt thanks.

                                Kacie Neo, family of Chua Ah Wee

                                  1.Care Employment Agency provides excellent services to its clients and caregivers. As this was my first time getting a caregiver to take care of my mum, they had provided me comprehensive advices, guidance and support during the process. The training given by the agency is very structured and my caregiver is well trained, equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude. The monthly group outing organized for the caregivers is definitely a key defecator and provide a support platform for the new caregivers. Both my family and caregiver are very happy with each other. A big shout out to all their staffs and team with the enormous effort and services for making these possible.

                                  Ms. Gloria Tan

                                    Very attentive and caring staffs in 1.Care Employment. Always ready to assist in any possible way to ease the stress of the employer and caregivers. I'm glad to know them as well as my choice of caregiver assisting my mum everyday 😍👍

                                    Mr. Edmond Lee

                                      Caregiver are adequately trained to look after elderly. The only agency i know that organize outing for their caregiver and helpers on their day off. Have recommended 1.Care Employment Agency to my friends!

                                      Ms. Lee Ho

                                        1.Care Employment Agency concentrated on providing caregivers to look after senior citizens. They trained to do so. I have such a caregiver to look after my father with dementia and wheelchair bound. As such I can feel at ease at work and home.

                                        Ms. Ann Bay

                                          1 Care Agency Pte. Ltd.

                                           Caregivers Trained By Certified Nurses