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Elderly Care Services

Elderly care in Singapore can be a difficult responsibility, especially if you are dealing with a busy schedule on top of caring for your loved one. Some elderly individuals may require extensive care throughout the day, making it next to impossible for one person to manage. If you are looking for a maid for elderly care, you have come to the right place.

1.Care Employment Agency is an award winning caregiver agency in Singapore. We are one of the elder care agency in Singapore. We have elderly caregivers in Singapore specially trained to look after seniors like your loved one. With the increase in the aging population, 1.Care understand that sending our parents to an elderly home is a tough reality that some of us have to face in Singapore. Home is always the most comfortable place for our parents. Hire a full-time caregiver in Singapore is an option for the family that need a helping hand on their elderly. You don’t have to worry about your parents being left alone at home as caregiver can take care of them. Elderly tend to have multiple chronic condition at home. Our caregiver are equipped with relevant skills to take care and accompany your elderly, at the same time she do simple cooking and household chores at home. Rest assured that with our full time caregivers for elderly in Singapore, your loved one is in good hands. 


1.Care train and certified full-time caregiver for elderly in Singapore. We provide elderly care services Singapore. We have registered Nurses to conduct training to the caregivers or helpers on how to play a role of a caregiver and also assess their competency to be a caregiver. Our Live- In Caregivers are trained to provide basic care services: 


We have training centre in Singapore and Overseas to provide best training of elder care to the caregivers. Our caregivers undergo refresher nursing skills training and language training for months before their deployment. We are a training provider under Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in Singapore. We provide basic nursing care course for the caregiver. This is a customise training to the caregiver based on the person needing care at home. Our Trainers are able to conduct training to the caregiver in the actual environment which is important element in ensuring specific and relevant training. 1.Care understand that the role of caregiver is not easy and we are here to help the caregiver cope with the daily duties. 

To register and apply for AIC Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) through us, please contact us at ctg@1careagency.com

The Advance Place Scheme (APS) is a pilot programme facilitated Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in 2016 to enable speed up deployment  time of live-in Caregiver in Singapore. 

1.Care is able to bring in Live-In Caregivers to Singapore earlier and help them find a placement with a suitable employer or placements. 

This scheme is useful for the employer who requires assistance of live-in caregivers to take care of your elderly parents.

Get in touch with us at hello@1careagency.com at start looking for the suitable Live-In Caregivers for you and your family today. 

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