The 1.CARE People

SRN Hong Geok Yang


Sister Hong first came up with the idea of 1.Care with her co-founders not to make money but to help fill a desperate market need for trained caregivers to provide quality eldercare as there are many Singaporean families where both husband and wife are working but they have old folks at home that need specialized care. 

As a long-time nurse, Sister Hong saw how difficult it was for these Singaporean families as they are not rich enough to afford certified nurses to take care of their old folks.  Out of this market gap came the brilliant idea of having certified nurses to train maids so that these maids in turn can care for the elderly.  The maids trained by 1.Care are able to do a very good job but without costing the families the kind of money they have to fork out for a certified nurse.  To Sister Hong, the whole idea behind 1.Care is to help those in need, not to make money.  Little did she expect that the company would grow so quickly.

Ms. Janice Kerena Tan


Janice is one of the co-founders of 1.Care.  She is a very energetic individual who believes that the purpose of a business is to do good.  She believes that if the business can do good and benefit others, then it will eventually do well.  Like her co-founders, Janice also did not expect the demand for 1.Care’s services to reach the level that it is at today. 

According to Janice, there are still a lot of families who need trained eldercare professionals in Singapore due to our ageing population.  And although the company has tripled its staff of certified nurses, they still can’t meet demand.  Janice herself is conducting classes from morning till night every day to help meet demand. 

But like her co-founders, she believes that 1.Care should benefit not just Singaporeans but also those markets where the ageing population is a big issue.

Mr. David Yeo


David is the other co-founder of 1.Care.  He is a highly-focused individual whose passion is training the company’s eldercare students to become the best caregiver they can.  David is constantly looking at how to make the company’s training better and more structured to improve on the quality of 1.Care’s caregivers beyond the already high standards achieved today.

David is a deep thinker who will approach every challenge by analyzing it from every angle and thinking of the pros and cons of each possible solution.  When David proposes something, it is because he has thought through it thoroughly. 

David believes that 1.Care is not just a business but a calling.  He believes that 1.Care’s Job No. 1 is to help people, and everything else will fall into place.

SRN Tan Meow Hui


Sister Tan has 45 working experience with various hospitals in Singapore. SGH, TTSH, Occupational Health Department MOM, SCDF. She was promoted to nursing manager in 1979 and hence been working since with TTSH Emergency Department training and coordinating training for the staff. Also worked as an industrial nurse conducting inspection at assigned factories or worksites. Retired in year 2000 and worked at NYP as a clinical instructor for about 2 years. Returned to TTSH and help with the training of junior nurses in ED.


SRN Margaret Ng


Sister Margaret has more than 44 years of working experience at various hospitals in IMH, SGH, KKWCH, TTSH in multidisciplinary areas e.g Medical and Surgery, Rehabilitation medicine, Neurosurgery and Neurology, Trauma at Emergency Department. Co-ordinates and conduct orientation courses for nurses, doctors and external parties which include paramedics medics and SAF doctors. Conducts triage and resuscitation courses for new nurses. Infection Control Champion who co-ordinate and train infection control competency e.g Mask fitting, PPE/PAPR for new nurses, doctors and medical students and all grades of ED staff.


1. NGH Non-Physician teaching award 2012

2. MOH Merit Award for Nurses.

3. 2016 National Day Awards Investiture.

SRN Chan Kwee Lay


Senior Nurse Chan graduated from School of Nursing in 1985. In 1989, she obtained her Post Basic in Critical Care Nursing. From 1985 – 2003 , she was working in Coronary Care Unit as a heart failure nurse. She developed interest in wound care management and now became a wound speciality Nurses with stoma ( ET) and vascular nurse from 2010-2016.

Joined Tzu Chi Medical Group home care specialising in  wound management.

Working as a part time wound nurse in Ng Teng Fong hospital from 2016-2018.
Now as a part of 1.Care as a wound nurse and Care Giver Trainer.


SRN Lim Ling


Sister Lim Ling is a multiple award-winning nurse including the National University Hospital of Singapore (NUH) Nurse Leader Award, NUH Quality Pillar Award, NUH Quality Control Outstanding Project Award, NUH Nurses Day Recognition Award, NUH Citation Award, NUH Outstanding Performance Award, EXSA Award, National Day Efficiency Medal, Healthcare Humanity Award, MOH Long Service Award, and HDMP Fellowship Award.

Sister Lim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Monash University of Australia.  She has held senior positions in the National University Hospital of Singapore and the National Healthcare Group.  She was also the curriculum planner and trainer for the Ministry of Health’s Enhanced Nursing Home Standards and the NUH Adult Orthopaedic Nursing Course.

SRN Wong Oi Ha Jocelyn



Nurse Jocelyn Wong Oi Ha has 11years of nursing experience. She has been working in TTSH from 2004 – 2015 in Gerontology ward. She love geriatric care especially Dementia. She is well trained in Dementia care. Now she is part of 1.Care as a Registered Nurse and Care Giver Trainer.



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