Our Vision

The Vision statement describes the kind of future that we want to create, and our vision is:

Quality Living For All Senior Citizens.

This is a highly-ambitious Vision but we are determined to make this happen because if we are able to achieve this, then our customers and partners will reap tremendous benefits from the work that we do at 1.Care.  We are determined to chase this Vision because we believe that all senior citizens everywhere deserve to have a good quality of life in their golden years.

Our Mission

To realize our ambitious vision of creating “Quality Living For All Senior Citizens”, we will focus resolutely on carrying out our Mission which revolves around the 3Ps below:


We develop and deliver training modules that are able to transform ordinary maids into highly competent and knowledgeable caregivers.


We integrate the best practices from the nursing industry into every aspect of our daily operations to develop the best caregivers in the market.


We attract, inspire and train people and partners who are passionate about creating Quality Living For All Senior Citizens all over the world.

Our Category

The category describes the space that we operate in and it describes the space where we will do our level best to become the best of the best. 

Our category is:

Caregiver Training, Certification & Placement.

This is essentially what 1.Care is. 

  • We train ordinary maids and transform them into highly-competent caregivers.
  • We certify that these caregivers have the knowledge and skills to provide quality eldercare.
  • We place caregivers in homes and families that need their services.

That is all we focus on.

Our Values

Our values define the Top 4 brand values that are the guiding principles behind everything that we do.  These are also the Top 4 values that all of us at 1.Care embrace and practice every day.


We try to put ourselves in the shoes of customers so that we can understand what they are going through.


We are not in 1.Care because it’s a job or a career or a business. We are here because this is what we really want to do.


We make sure that everything that we do has a deep positive impact on our customers, colleagues and community.


We make sure that everything we do produces the results that we want so that we can deliver on what we promise customers.

Our Value Proposition

The value proposition describes The No. 1 Benefit that we bring to our customers and partners.  Of course, we bring a multitude of benefits to our customers and partners but the most important benefit of all is that we are:

Certified Caregivers Trained By Certified Nurses.

This is the No. 1 benefit that 1.Care brings to our customers and this is what differentiates a 1.Care caregiver. 

  • All of our training programmes are designed by very experienced certified nurses.
  • All of our classes are conducted by certified nurses at our training centres.

When you hire a caregiver from 1.Care, you can have the assurance that she is competent and knowledgeable because she has been trained by a certified nurse with programmes designed by certified nurses.

Our Enemy

Most brands define their enemy as the competition.  We don’t see the competition as the enemy. 

The real enemy is:

Old Age.

This is such a powerful enemy that everyone will eventually succumb to it.  Old age is something that will come upon all of us, no matter how rich or poor; regardless of our status in life.  It is The Great Equalizer

It is an enemy that is relevant to everyone.

It is therefore an enemy that is worth fighting.

And 1.Care exists to fight this enemy everyday through all the things that we do so that senior citizens can have a quality life.

1 Care Agency Pte. Ltd.

 Caregivers Trained By Certified Nurses