Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age but living to a ripe old age may be a problem because of all the issues that come about with the process of ageing.  We want to realize our Vision of creating “Quality Living For All Senior Citizens” in whichever country we choose to operate in.  This extends beyond just providing quality eldercare and we will realize this Vision by focusing on:

  1. Developing and delivering training modules that are able to transform ordinary maids into highly competent and knowledgeable caregivers.
  2. Integrating the best practices from the nursing industry into every aspect of our daily operations to develop the best caregivers in the market.
  3. Attracting, inspiring and training people and partners who are passionate about creating Quality Living For All Senior Citizens all over the world.


1.Care developed 15 proprietary modules to train and transform ordinary maids into competent caregivers.  These modules are near-identical to the ones that are used to train certified nurses, and as such, they are very sound.

We also screen the potential candidates carefully to ensure that they have the attitude and qualities that you would expect from a certified nurse.  

To top it off, all the training has always been – and will always be – conducted by certified nurses.  That is what makes the 1.Care caregiver special.  We train over 600 caregivers a year and counting. 

In fact, we have more demand than we have capacity but we will not compromise on quality.  We only increase our capacity as and when we find the right certified nurses to join us as trainers.   

Born To Deliver One-Stop Excellence

We are called 1.Care because we only care about 1 thing which is delivering excellence in eldercare through our core values of being Caring, Authentic, Responsible and Effective.

We are called 1.Care because we are the one-stop agency that trains, certifies and places the right caregivers in the right homes.

We are called 1.Care because we know that everyone needs (and deserves) to have someone to care for them in their old age.

Contact us now to discuss your eldercare needs; to join our family of caregivers; or be a part of our certified nurses team.

1 Care Agency Pte. Ltd.

 Caregivers Trained By Certified Nurses